Fashion Bags 2018: The Main Trends

If you are an avid fashionista and follow all the trendy trends and trends, then you should know which bags will be at the peak of popularity in 2018. Refill your wardrobe with a stylish accessory in the form of a fashion handbag!

·       Bag with fringe

In 2018, the trend fringe. Therefore, it is not surprising that fringed bags won not only the hearts of women of fashion from around the world. Such a bag will fit well with a light dress or loose shirt with a floral print.

·       A bag for the belt

Another popular hit of the season is the belt bag. This bag is better to wear in everyday life, combining it with bright outfits.

·       Rectangular bag

For several seasons in a row, the rectangular handbag does not leave the fashion podiums. This bag is best to choose a thin strap or chain. The rectangular handbag is well combined with business style, so you can safely carry it to the office.

·       Mini handbag

In 2018 stylists recommend paying attention to miniature bags. Of course, such a bag is less practical, but with it you can go for a walk or a date.

·       Bag of oversized

For several seasons in a row, the bulk bag is in the lead in a fashionable rating. Ideal for those women who do not need small handbags.

·       Shoulder bag

This option is suitable for women who choose comfort and practicality. A bag over the shoulder can be combined with both the everyday style and with the business and even the evening.

·       Wicker bag

A bag in the style of Jane Birkin is again in vogue. A stylish and fashionable wicker bag will last you a very long time, and you can wear it not only on the beach.


The trend, which was boring for many a couple of years ago, is back on track. At the fashion shows of the spring-summer season 2018, designers actively used waist bags of various shapes and styles - from sports (Prada and Fenty from Puma) to classic (Gucci).

Among the constant admirers of such handbags is Kendall Jenner, who boldly combines the accessory with any outfit.

If you are not yet in a trend, here are three reasons why you should choose a waist bag in this season 2018:

      This is not only a sporting thing: A leather or suede detail will perfectly complement or "soften" the ordinary bow, costume or even evening dress.

      This is a universal thing: Thanks to an adjustable strap, you can carry your purse around your waist, on your shoulder or over your shoulder.

       It's a handy thing: Your hands will be free all day.