Fashion mistakes to be avoided

e to open all few people led to a fashionable success. Putting on a short skirt, you are already at risk: it is important to guess with the length of a centimeter and choose the style that goes exactly to your type of figure.

The short top in this ensemble is clearly superfluous. Even on an ideal figure, this combination looks vulgar. But any of its variations will perfectly complement the midi-skirt silhouette "trapezium" or "pencil".

2. Too many ornaments:


In the summer you want to look bright, but do not hang yourself in the spirit of the New Year tree. This is not her season. Divide the colored sets from plastic, bright glass or stones into several outlets. Do not wear a bracelet, earrings and a necklace. Separately, they can be good, and together - too much.

Do not be afraid of visible ornaments - this is the summer of eclecticism and maximalist in fashion. However, it is worth knowing the measure.

3. Beach images in the city:


Frankly, the beach bow in the city does not justify the heat of forty degrees. There are many other options to get out: white, lightweight chiffon fabric, mesh, linen and other natural materials.

The image of the beach can be afforded only in the resort town and on the beach.

4. Lingerie:


It's not about the beautiful openwork body and translucent lace bra without cups, which can be shown stealthily, wearing a silk top or knitted cardigan.

If you persistently try to hide the bra, unfastening its various parts, and it does not hide - it is better to take it off altogether. Lingerie protruding from the complex architectural tops and bustier dresses look ridiculous.

5. Bag and shoes of the same color:


The rule is to choose shoes for the color of the bag and vice versa - it's as old as the world and has not worked for a long time. They may echo in color, be close to shades or opposite (eg b / w) colors, but in no case are they the same color.

6. Trend race:


Trends of the season are worth knowing "five" to choose from those that are right for you. Gross price is fashionable alongside, which does not go your figure and emphasizes only its flaws.

Moreover, any trend has a lot of variations, for example, if you want to wear flounces, they can decorate, like top, skirt or dress in a variety of places. The main thing is to choose "your own" among them.

7. Tights color tan:

If the dress code obliges to wear body tights in the summer, then their shade should match the color of your skin. They should not shine. Well, if they are as inconspicuous as possible.

8. For a walk, like in the gym:


The theme of sport in fashion is already that season, but this is not a fashion for a training outfit in the city. Trendy sports kits look elegant, they are diluted with classics and complemented by exquisite ornaments.

In fashion, the style is sport-chic, and training suits are better left for thematic pursuits.

9. Shoes-hooves:


There is an opinion that shoes with a hidden platform extend the leg. Perhaps, and at the same time disfigure your image. This is unfashionable and ugly. Forget about hoof-shoes with an open cape. Make legs slimmer will help beige sandals or boats. So you will bypass the fashion mistakes.

10. Clothes in which you feel insecure:


If you wear a trendy dress, you feel not at ease, it's better to put it aside. Your feelings are very important.

Only awareness of your own attractiveness can bring the fashion image to the absolute.