Uncover the Best Family Vacation Packages for Adventure Seekers

Families looking for an active vacation can find one-of-a-kind experiences on these outdoor adventures. Whether they want to see lions and elephants on safari or take a rafting trip, these packages will get the blood pumping!

Thrill-seekers can find their heart-pounding thrills on a white water rafting trip or hike along the Grand Canyon. These trips will make memories that last a lifetime!

Pack Up + Go

A few years ago, it would have been difficult to find a family vacation package that offered both adventure activities and resort-style luxury. Now, combining these elements seems as normal as booking a trip to Disney World. These family-friendly adventure vacations include everything from a dude ranch with an action-packed activity schedule in Arizona to a secluded getaway minutes from Lake Tahoe in California. The best part? They all offer a unique opportunity to bond with your kids while exploring natural wonders and taking in the scenery.

Launched in January 2016, Pack Up + Go is a travel agency that plans surprise destination trips for 3 days or longer. The company says travelers choose their budget, the city they want to leave from, and how they want to travel (road trip, train, or plane). Then, Pack Up + Go picks a destination and provides an itinerary with activities and accommodations.

The team behind the company will even sift through your social media to see what you like and don’t like to ensure that your trip is a perfect fit. They also give you the option to add on extra activities if you’re feeling adventurous. The only catch is that Pack Up + Go only offers trips within the USA at this time.

Before choosing a vacation, be sure to speak with your kids about their expectations and interests. This will help to reduce any surprises that may upset them or lead to unwelcome tension. Plus, you can show them photos of the destinations to get a better idea of what they might experience on their adventure. For example, Glass Beach in Fort Bragg might be a unique backdrop for their next family photo or MacKerricher State Park could provide the perfect spot to enjoy the outdoors and spot whales during the right season.

To save money on all-inclusive family vacation packages, you can use a Travel Promo Code. These codes often provide discounts or special offers on vacation packages, including flights, hotels, and activities. You can search online for different promo codes and enter them during the booking process to receive the discount. Happy travels!

REI Adventures

REI is best known for its outdoor gear but they also offer adventure travel trips all over the world. Their understanding of the transformational power of nature influences their itineraries which are designed for anyone from the new outdoors adventurer to a seasoned pro. They have over 150 different adventure expeditions and offer a variety of trip lengths.

Their trips are designed for active travelers so you should expect a good level of physical fitness. The activities they include vary, but most involve hiking and camping. They also include cultural experiences and they offer a variety of difficulty levels. Some trips are relaxing, while others have a strenuous rating and can involve up to 10 hours of activity a day on steep terrain.

The easiest way to find the right REI adventure for you is to use their online trip planner. It allows you to filter by activity level, trip length, and destinations. Then you can compare the results and choose the one that fits your goals. If you want to save huge money on your next purchase, you can use the Budget Australia Discount Code.

If you are on the hunt for the ultimate REI family vacation packages for adventure seekers, take a look at the San Juan Islands Family Kayak trip. This trip is a three-day kayak adventure that takes you to explore pristine wilderness on the Cascadia Marine Trail while watching sea lions and otters and learning about the native Salish tribe. You can camp in a private setting with your guides who prepare and serve meals.

REI has a great range of other family adventures as well including a four-day hike with kids in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Other popular itineraries include watching giraffes and wild elephants on a safari in Africa and exploring the peaks of Spain on a rock climbing expedition.

National Geographic Adventure

National Geographic, with its storied legacy of exploration, offers trips that foster a sense of adventure for families. These small group tours feature activities that inspire kids to embrace the world and build upon their knowledge, ranging from wildlife conservation to photography and storytelling.

These educational trips are also popular with novice and dedicated photographers who enjoy enlightening experiences that focus on the art of photography. National Geographic's adventure offerings are also a hit with families who love to learn about history and culture.

With a 6:1 guest-to-guide ratio, Austin Adventures pairs up families for adventures that are perfect for the younger set. Guests can look forward to horseback riding, glacier trekking, kayaking, trail biking, and hiking as they explore destinations around the globe. The outdoor travel experts on these trips offer a balance of adventure and education, whether watching water buffalo plow a terraced rice paddy in Bali or exploring an ancient skull cave and a hidden Japanese bunker in Raja Ampat.

This adventure travel company also makes a point of emphasizing human connections on all of its trips. Many of its itineraries include visits to local projects supported by National Geographic and G Adventures, and many of its tours foster cultural insights as well. The Peru Family Vacation, for example, has travelers visiting the markets of several cities before making their way to Machu Picchu.

Many of Thomson Family Adventures' trips also feature Friends Across Borders, an initiative that lets kids communicate with children in the destinations they visit via digital pen pals. The digital interaction takes place before the trip and gives kids a sense of connection to children in other countries. During the trip, children meet their digital pen pals and connect over shared interests.

G Adventures

G Adventures is a company that has redefined travel by creating itineraries that aren’t just about the destinations, but rather what you will see and experience. They offer two types of tours – National Geographic Journeys and Classic Tours. The former offers accommodations that are a bit nicer than the latter but both feature small groups, local experiences, and aspects of responsible travel woven right into the tour.

One of the ways that they do this is by partnering with social enterprises (think not charities, but sustainable businesses). They have helped establish dozens of these across the globe and they can be visited during your tour. You’ll get to meet the owner and learn about how they operate their business, while also having a chance to support it.

Another way that they give back is by donating money to communities through their nonprofit partner, Planeterra. They also partner with Global Exploration for Educators Organization, an organization that allows teachers to travel abroad and bring back what they have learned to their classrooms.

You’ll often find that meals are not included on a G Adventures tour, so make sure you factor this in when planning your budget. But the price does include the guide, who is called a CEO (Chief Experience Officer) and who will be your tour guide, event planner, history and politics teacher, and fixer for your trip. They are a wealth of knowledge and many travelers say they’ve made lifelong friends on their trips.

Group tours are a great option for those that don’t have the time to plan their trip, or can’t find a travel buddy. Plus, many of the tours have a guaranteed departure date, so you don’t have to worry about the trip being canceled due to low demand.

Intrepid Travel

When it comes to family vacation packages for adventure seekers, no one does it better than Intrepid Travel. They have an extensive selection of itineraries that include everything from a family-friendly safari to a family-oriented gastronomic tour of Italy. Intrepid has also partnered with Urban Adventures to offer city tours led by locals who can give you an insider's perspective on a city’s culture, history, and cuisine.

Intrepid is all about real-life experiences, and they do it responsibly. They believe that tourism is a vehicle for social change, and they use it to promote equality and opportunity for all people around the globe. They are a Certified B Corp, and they donate to grassroots projects and support animal welfare. Intrepid is also a carbon-neutral company, and they have no single supplement on many of their trips.

They focus on getting their travelers off the beaten path, and they have small group sizes that allow them to experience a destination like a local. They use local transportation and accommodations, and they also hire local English-speaking trip leaders. These guides act more as a resource for cultural exploration than typical tour guides, and they are always looking for backstreet bars, hidden galleries, and other off-the-beaten-path attractions.

The physical level for most of Intrepid's itineraries is moderate, and they recommend that you be in good physical condition. Some of their more active tours require a higher level of fitness, but they have options for all levels of experience.


Finding the best family vacation packages for adventure seekers can be an exciting and rewarding experience. With a little research and planning, you can discover a wide range of options that cater to all ages and interests. Whether you prefer hiking in the mountains, exploring new cultures, or simply relaxing on the beach, there's a package out there that's perfect for you and your family. So start planning your next adventure today and create memories that will last a lifetime!